It’s Bikini Season! How Plastic Surgery Can Complement and Enhance the Dramatic Results of Bariatric Weight-Loss Surgery

Bariatric weight loss surgery is life defining for those who’ve struggled with obesity. The procedure reduces the size of the stomach to limit how much patients can eat, and the results can be remarkable—helping patients lose 100 to 175 pounds or more! 

If you’ve had this surgery or other substantial weight loss, you might be dreading bikini season because losing that much fat volume has left stretched-out, sagging skin in many areas of your body. Fortunately, there are several plastic surgery procedures that can help complete your transformation by removing the excess skin and get you bikini-ready!

As a surgeon, I love helping people regain their self-confidence through this kind of transformation. Here are the most popular procedures for dramatic weight-loss patients:

Thigh lift: This is a great procedure after dramatic weight loss, especially if you’re dissatisfied with the shape of your thighs and the excess, sagging skin of the inner thighs. A thigh lift alters the shape and creates a more desirable thigh contour, as well as removes excess skin and fixes naturally sagging thigh tissue.

Tummy tuck: The standard tummy tuck procedure addresses the loose, stretched-out muscles that result from being overweight, along with removing excess skin and tightening the six-pack muscles that may have also stretched out.

Body lift: Also called a circumferential body lift, this is a major procedure for abdominal weight loss patients that combines a tummy tuck with thigh and butt procedures. “Circumferential” refers to the incision, which starts in the front at the pubic bone and continues around to the back above the butt. In my practice, I perform a traditional tummy tuck tightening procedure on the front side, and then conduct the back procedures, which involve removing extra skin from the lower back area and lifting the outer thighs and the butt.

Bra line lift: This lift focuses on the bra strap area on the upper back. The procedure removes the extra skin in this area, eliminating the appearance of “back fat.” 

Arm lift: This procedure removes excess, sagging skin that dangles from the upper arms. It gives the appearance of slimmer arms by eliminating the “flab.”

It is common for weight-loss patients to want several of the above procedures in order to complete their transformed, slimmer appearance. If you’ve conquered obesity with the help of bariatric surgery, these plastic surgery procedures are the icing on the cake, the final step to looking terrific and feeling terrific about yourself again. 

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