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The Real Beauty Bible

Navigating Your Journey Through Plastic Surgery

Get your body back while still keeping your peace of mind.

Childbirth, gravity, or the effects of aging are just a few of the reasons one might consider plastic surgery. Cosmetic and Reconstructive procedures can make you feel more confident and beautiful in your own skin, and who doesn’t want that? Dr. Richard Brown is a double board-certified plastic surgeon dedicated to providing expert care and outstanding results to patients seeking facial procedures, body enhancement or reconstructive procedures.

Dr. Brown wrote The Real Beauty Bible: Navigating Your Journey Through Plastic Surgery as a way to educate anyone contemplating plastic surgery about the considerations that must be made throughout the entire process. Through this comprehensive guide to body rejuvenation you will learn:

  • How to know if surgery is right for you
  • Questions to ask yourself and your doctor before making a decision
  • What to expect financially
  • Tips about choosing the right doctor for you
  • Some of today’s most popular procedures
  • What to expect before, on the day-of, and after surgery
  • About board certification and why it’s important

Cosmetic and Reconstructive procedures can help you build confidence and change your life for the better. But, it’s important to go into this journey confident that you’re choosing the best procedure and surgeon for your needs and desired results. By educating yourself and asking the right questions, you can feel great about your decision and your results.

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