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“You can have the procedure you want, rejuvenate your body, be confident again, and have a special, unique experience with your surgeon at the same time.”

An experienced plastic surgeon and engaging speaker, Dr. Richard Brown is committed to educating patients about cosmetic and reconstructive procedures both in and out of the office. Dr. Brown’s presentations help demystify some of today’s most popular aesthetic procedures and treatments, making them more approachable for those considering plastic surgery.

These educational and entertaining keynotes are beneficial to anyone considering plastic or reconstructive surgery. Dr. Brown speaks on a variety of topics related to both the surgical and nonsurgical procedures available to patients today. His presentations include:

  • Debunking Common Plastic Surgery Myths
  • Choosing Surgery for All the Right Reasons
  • Take Back Your Body with the Mommy Makeover

Dr. Brown shares with audiences the many facets of cosmetic surgery from the medical to the emotional. An extremely knowledgeable and compassionate surgeon, Dr. Brown infuses the same qualities he exhibits one-on-one with his patients into each of his presentations.

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