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Dr. Richard Brown is an expert plastic surgeon with a passion for improving the lives of others through cosmetic and reconstructive procedures.

He approaches each patient interaction with patience, compassion, and respect. Dr. Brown believes that thoroughly educating those considering plastic surgery is the best way to ensure beautiful, life-changing results.

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The Real Beauty Bible

Navigating your journey through plastic surgery

Childbirth, gravity, or the effects of aging are just a few of the reasons one might consider plastic surgery. Cosmetic procedures can help you build confidence and change your life for the better. But, it’s important to go into this journey confident that you’re choosing the best procedure and surgeon for your needs and desired results. Dr. Richard Brown’s book, The Real Beauty Bible: Navigating Your Journey Through Plastic Surgery, will give you the information you need to choose what’s best for you.

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The Real Beauty Bible
Dr. Richard Brown

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Expert Plastic Surgeon | Author | Speaker

Dr. Richard J. Brown, MD, is a Scottsdale, Arizona-based plastic surgeon with over a decade of experience in his field. He strives every day to fulfill his vision of creating a complete and personal plastic surgery experience focused on patients’ overall health and wellbeing. He provides procedures for body enhancements, breast reconstruction after breast cancer, and facial procedures.

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An experienced plastic surgeon and engaging speaker, Dr. Richard Brown is committed to educating patients about cosmetic and reconstructive procedures both in and out of the office. Dr. Brown’s presentations help demystify some of today’s most popular aesthetic procedures and treatments, making them more approachable for those considering plastic surgery.

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