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Plastic surgery can be life-changing for some people and life-enhancing for others. Deciding to have plastic surgery is difficult, but it’s also a courageous decision, and it can be very liberating and empowering. Plastic surgery is Dr. Richard J. Brown’s passion. As a surgical resident, he saw how plastic surgery could transform people’s lives, and that led him to a career helping patients from all backgrounds—whether their surgery was for cosmetic or reconstructive reasons. Dr. Brown and his committed team's goals are to create a customized plastic surgery experience for you, one in which your total health and well-being are their primary concern and the core of your treatment.

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Dr. Brown created this quiz to help you discover if plastic surgery procedures could help you achieve your goals. The assessment can help you organize your thoughts about what you want and help Dr. Brown determine which procedures will benefit you the most. Answer each question in the assessment, and Dr. Brown will send you an email explaining your results and recommend next steps for getting the body you’ve always wanted!

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